Reproduction Antique Warehouse Cart Coffee Table

     Today I wanted to share my finished coffee table with you (Click here for the before teaser.).  I have wanted an antique warehouse cart as a coffee table forever.  Have you seen these in Restoration Hardware?  They retail for around $1,100.  I don’t have that kind of budget for a coffee table.  Story of my life, champagne taste with a beer budget.  So, what’s a girl to do?  Have her handy husband make one for her :).  (THANK YOU, HONEY!!!)  Please click here to visit my husband’s blog to see how he made this for me. 

     He made this cart from scratch.  Can you believe he made these wheels?   They were solid disks that he drilled, welded, and painted.

     He made the hardware on the corners and on the end that is holding the small caster.  He didn’t make the caster, he just painted it.  He is thinking about making small wheels from scratch for the ends so they look a bit more authentic.


     My husband used new pine boards from the hardware store for the top and sides.  When he was done building the wooden parts, he threw it in the street and kicked it around.  When we were satisfied with the amount of  “aging” he applied a a two-in-one stain/polyurethane. 

     I am thrilled with the way it turned out.  I like it even better than the real thing.  We did look into authentic warehouse carts before he started this project.  Our local salvage yard had two of them but they were VERY worn, too large for our room and still too expensive ($350).  My husband’s version only cost about $80.00.  Am I a lucky girl or what?  Again, thanks to my very talented Hubby.  XOXO!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.


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35 thoughts on “Reproduction Antique Warehouse Cart Coffee Table

  1. WOW! Found you from Miss Mustard Seed when I was linking up. I am OBSESSED with the RH cart and can’t believe what a great job you did replicating it! Impressive. I may have to send my husband to handy man school now…

  2. Heather thanks for stopping by and for the compliment, I will pass it along to my Hubby. Just got back from your site and LOVE it. I wanted to comment there but couldn’t so I’ll tell you here how much I love your wingback chairs and stenciled wall. Great job, just beuatiful and congrats o the feature on Design Sponge.

  3. I’m new here so don’t know what your hubby does. But he would easily be a millionaire around these parts making gorgeous homemade stuff like this and selling it. What an AWESOME table.

  4. Super talented hubby- this is so charming – love it! I would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)

  5. Absolutely amazing! Your husband did a wonderful job–so talented! I really like the wood color and the hardware. Such a beautiful and unique coffee table.

  6. I love your cart, your hubby did an amazing job. I work for a custom cabinetry company, and we have one of these in our shop, and I always hint to my boss that I just may have to steal it, ha. Great work! Sue

  7. Wow!!! You are one lucky girl, that cart is gorgeous and I thought it was the real McCoy! Has your husband thought about making them and selling them?
    Hugs, Cindy

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  9. I came across this while looking around the web for alternatives to the eh Carr and other designer tables. What a great job…can you or your husband elaborate on what brand / color stain polyurethane you used? The color is real nice and I’d like something similar to apply to a cart I found just lying here in my office building.

    My cart is not quite an antique but it’s old and weathered enough to have a similar effect and you can’t beat the price…free :)

  10. Hello.

    You can see how I built the cart here…

    The steel was purchased at a local steel supplier. If you don’t have the capabilities to cut and weld steel, wooden wheels could be made with a jigsaw. The wooden wheels could be sanded and painted to look like steel. Don’t overlook scrounging and repurposing wheels from other objects. A bit of painting and antiquing can produce great looking wheels.

    Good luck.

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  13. Hi Nadia,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the comment. I passed your compliment on to my husband and he thanks you! I’m sorry but we don’t have another table for sale and my husband doesn’t want to make another one (I don’t think he really wanted to make this one but it was what I wanted as a Christmas present so he couldn’t really refuse me).

  14. Such a great display of talent, I build side projects from old pallets and love the idea of building a warehouse cart. My wife has wanted one for several years but I refuse to pay $500-800. Finding this page has given me inspiration to build one also. Thank you and Your quality of craftsmanships is outstanding

  15. I say your husband SHOULD quit his day job! I too have ben loving those cart-type coffee tables and this one is the best.

  16. Hi Carrie,
    Try this link. It’s a tutorial we did together. Here is another link for my blog. It’s a tutorial for making the wheels, no welding or special tools required.

  17. May I ask where you sourced the small front caster or how he adopted a standard threaded caster to use here? Thanks, and it’s a great table!

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