Red Cabinets with Black Glaze

Day two of experiments.  Today I put a black glaze over the red paint.  I mixed black paint with glazing medium.  I used a 1:4 ratio.  If I were going to do it again though, I would use a 5 or 6 to 1 ration.  One to four was a little thick.  The process was quick and easy.  You can slop the glaze on the cabinet.  The trick with glaze is to really work it into the cracks and crevices.  You have to work fast – the glaze dries really quickly.  If you haven’t glazed before, I suggest you practice on the back of a drawer or door until you are confident you can achieve the look you want.  I like a lot of glaze so I didn’t wipe any off.  If you want a lighter look, brush on the glaze really working it in, then quickly wipe off the flat surfaces, leaving the glaze in the crevices.

The glaze is worth the extra effort.  It adds an extra depth and richness to the base color without changing it.  I would finish this project up with at least two coats of a polyurethane. Here’s a link to a video I made if you are interested in a tutorial on glazing techniques.

12 thoughts on “Red Cabinets with Black Glaze

  1. instead of black paint mixed with glaze, can you brush on black glaze for the same effect?

  2. Hi Karen,
    I was not aware that they have pre-tinted glazes. I did a little research on the web and found some, but I haven’t used one so I don’t know if the results would be the same or not. I do know that the paint store will tint your glaze for you. I need more glaze for my next project so I will have the paint store tint my glaze for me. I have always tinted my own glaze before so this will be a new experiment for me. Good luck. I would love to see pictures of your project and if you use a pre-tinted glaze, please let me know what you think.

  3. I am looking into painting my kitchen cabinets a kind of dark red with a black glaze but I’m not sure what “red” to pick. There are so many different shades. I love these & I was just wondering what shade of red you started with. Thanks so much!


  4. Hi Jennifer, thanks for visiting and thanks for your question. I am sorry that I didn’t think to include the paint colors before. The red paint is Ralph Lauren’s Venetian Red TH49. The black paint in the glaze is Behr’s Beluga (regular paint not Ultra). Both paints are a semi-gloss. I mixed the glaze in a 4-1 ratio. Four parts glaze to one part paint. I like both Behr’s and Rallph Lauren glazes. I do think Behr’s glaze is a little easier to work with though. I would recommend applying at least two coats of polyurethane when you’re done painting to protect your paint and glaze. The glaze tends to come off if you scrub too hard. Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions, I love gabbing about this kind of stuff. Good luck on your project!

  5. Ok. Thanks! I have found my red paint & painted all my cabinets but I’m having trouble on getting my glaze. I just went to my local ACE & they weren’t sure on how to do it. So I need some help on that!! Not sure on what to get or how to mix it. And also, you didn’t wipe off your glaze at all? I appreciate it very much!

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I haven’t shopped Ace Hardware so I’m not sure about what kind, if any, glazing medium they sell. I usually go to Home Deopt becuase they are just down the street from me. Behr’s brand of glaze is my favorite so far. I know that Sherwin Williams and Ralph Lauren also sell glazing medium. You can even buy pre-mixed glaze. I have seen them online but not in any stores (although I haven’t glazed anything for awhile and have not looked). I have not used any of the pre-mixed glazes so I am not sure how well they work.. I was just thinking about my kitchen cabinets and remembered that I mixed one cup of paint into one gallon of Behr’s glaze. That was the perfect ratio. My kitchen cabinets had two coats of glaze. One coat was worked down between the lines of the beadboard and then wiped off. The second coat of glaze was applied lightly with a dry brush (it doesn’t stay dry, you lightly load your brush with glaze then dab off the extra onto a paper towel or rag). I did not wipe off the second coat. To see my kitchen cabinets go to my sidebar and click “Paint”. You’ll have to scroll back a little, it was one of the first posts I did. I like to see the color of the glaze (black) layered over the base color of the cabinets (red). I think it adds character and depth. A lot of people just want a hint of color so they wipe of most of the glaze. I buy small artist boards at hobby stores to experiment with. I suggest painting one the red you used on the cabinets and then mixing small quanitites of glaze and black paint until you get the effect you want. Then try painting on some glaze and letting it dry. On another board, apply the glaze, wait 30-60 seconds and then wipe it off. Hold both boards up to your cabinets (when dry) and see which you like better. I hope this helps. I am planning to do a glazing how-to video. I hope to get it posted soon. FYI, the gallon of glaze with one cup of brown paint added was more than enough for my kitchen and the china hutch I painted to match. I hope I am answering your questions and not just confusing you! :-)

  7. Wow, your finish on these cabinets is beautiful! I came upon your blog looking for tips on glazing black over red paint for my “piano project”. I am currently prepping to paint my piano, I wanted red, but felt by looking at other photos of painted pianos that they lacked depth. I have decided to try your technique of applying a light layer of black glaze to the finish. My Question: is the two coats of polyeurathane needed since it’s a piano not cabinetry? What do you think?

  8. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your kind words, you made my day! Wow, a piano sounds like an ambitious project, my hat’s off to you. I really don’t think you have to apply the poly unless you have kids or pets who may scratch the finish or spill something on the piano. If you have to scrub dried on food/gunk off it will most likely take the glaze off too. Also, if you plan to put anything on top of the piano, you might want to put poly on the top only. Sometimes paint will transfer. I painted and glazed a nightstand. I let it dry throughly but some of the paint still stuck to the bottom of the lamp and alarm clock I had on top. I have to put them back in exactly the same place every time I dust so the bare spots don’t show. The polyrurethane is just for protecting your finish. If you don’t think anything will mar your paint, than you don’t need to apply it. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions. I would love to see pictures of you piano, I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!

  9. Hello,
    First I wanted to say thank you for sharing your expertise online. I really appreciated the video demo! Also, thank you for sharing your knowlege regarding poly finish. I chose to use it all over the piano (I have 2 boys ages 2 and 3) so I figured I’d better take the time to protect MY “TOY”! Thank you for helping me realise the dream of refinishing my piano.

    Now, I just finished it and let me say it is GORGEOUS! I can hardly wait the two weeks for the poly to cure so I can put it back together and move it upstairs into my living room. I will be sure to send before and after photos to you. The red paint/black glaze look is really stunning.

  10. I can’t wait to see your pictures! I can just imagine how gorgeous it must be. I do hope you will allow me to share your pictures with my other readers. I want this blog to be inspirational and educational , not just a way to showcase my projects (In fact I am sheepish to share a lot of my stuff because so many others are more talented, but I share anyway because I am always asked, “How did you do that?”. Plus, since I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, I have learned everything by trial and error. I want to help others avoid the “error”.). Thanks for keeping me updated. Have a great weekend!

  11. I looked online for days for pics of red cabinets painted with black glaze and I am so glad I found you! Your cabinets are beautiful and just the color I wanted. So it’s off to sanding, painting, and glazing. Thanks for taking the time to post your pics and explain detail how all of this works!

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